Microsoft Teams Proof Of Concept

Microsoft Teams is a game-changer for collaborative working in the modern workplace.  

Accel365 will help prepare your organization for its journey with Microsoft Teams. Working through a series of targeting workshops, Accel365 will share best practice recommendations and guidance for planning, deploying, adopting, and managing Microsoft Teams. Accel365 will also guide your organization through a Proof of Concept for up to 15 users.  


  1. Enable, Configure, and Secure Microsoft Teams for the Organization 
  2. Teams Meetings: Collaboration Enhancements through Voice and Video 
  3. Collaboration Work-space Integration with Office 365 Applications 
  4. Driving Microsoft Teams Adoption and Preparing the Organization 
  5. Teams Client Overview 
  6. Developing Your Microsoft Teams Road map 

Readiness for one (1) site Proof of Concept Guide up to 15 users through a one-week Proof of Concept deployment of Microsoft Teams.